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Providence Elementary Media Center

Mrs. Lopez, Media Specialist
Mrs. Lopez, Media Specialist

Welcome to our Media Center's Webpage! 

This year our Tigers are going to...

for our School-Wide Reading Incentive as we are on a #learningjourney!


I look forward to seeing our Tigers in our Starbooks Cafe this year! I have created an inviting and motivating space! I know you will love to come spend time in the cafe while reading, researching, and participating in 21st century  media lessons here at PES. 


MAKERSPACE will continue this year at PES in the Starbooks Cafe. Students will have the opportunity to visit the cafe and participate in various STEM challenges. These challenges will rotate and change weekly so that students have a variety of engaging, hands-on activites. 

To learn more about what a Makerspace is, click here.  


School-wide Reading Incentive Program:


 *Click here to access our school library catalog Destiny. 

Note: This link will let you know the books that our school owns and has on the book shelves.

*Click here to access the AR Book Guide .

Note: This link will help you determine if a book that your child is reading has an AR quiz.

*Click here to see the Lexile level of a book your child is reading Lexile Levels .


This year's AR program our students are "Reading Around the World"! Each student has an individualized reading goal they are shooting to meet with an 80% accuracy rate.  Students who meet their monthly AR goals will be awarded monthly with a prize. The chart below explains the point goals for each grade level. The points were developed based off their Lexile and minimum of 20 minutes of reading each night.  Ask your student or your student's teacher what Reading Level your student is on.


 Reading     Level

 Sept.   28th 

  Oct.   31st 

  Nov.    30th 

  Dec.   18th 

  Jan.   31st

  Feb.   28th 

  Mar.    29th 

May 10th


    2 books

    4   books

    7 books

   10  books

   13 books

  16 books

   19 books

   22 books

 Gr.1 RL

  4.5  points

  7.7  points

 10.9 points

 13.3 points

 16.5 points

 18.9 points

  22.1 points

 24.5 points

 Gr. 2 RL

  5.0 points

  8.2 points

 11.4 points

 14.6 points

 18.5 points

 22.1 points

 25.7 points

 28.5 points

 Gr. 3 RL

  5.5  points

  9.1 points

 12.7 points

 16.3 points

 20.3 points

 24.3 points

 29.3 points

 32.5 points

 Gr. 4 RL

  6.3 points

 10.3 points

 14.3 points

 17.6 points

 22.0 points

 26.8 points

 31.6 points

   35 points

 Gr. 5 RL

  7.7  points

 12.9 points

 18.1 points

  22 points

 27.2 points

 32.4 points

 37.6 points

  40.2 points

 Gr. 6 RL

  10.4  points

 15.8 points

  21.2 points

 26.5 points

 33.7 points

 39.0 points

 44.4  points

48 points



Library Book Check-Out Policy:

Kindergarten and 1st Grade can check-out 1 book for 1 week.

2nd and 3rd Graders can check-out up to 2 books for up to 2 weeks.

4th and 5th Graders can check-out up to 3 books for up to 2 weeks.

Note: Books can be renewed up to 2 times, unless a "waiting list" has been created.


 Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday


*Note: Students in grades 3rd-5th may visit the library during Bus Room from 7:00-7:30 after checking in with the teacher on duty.


Lost / Damaged Book Policy:

If a book becomes lost or damaged, the book must be found or paid for before checking out another book. Another option is to replace the book by donating the same book, or a similar book (same genre) to our media center. If you pay for a lost book and then find it, please bring it in to us and we will refund your money. We can only refund your money if the book is found during the same school year the book was paid for.

Scholastic Book Fairs:

At Providence Elementary, we host (2) Book Fairs each year. All money profit helps to purchase more books for our library, and supports the reading program for our school.

Fall: August 31st - September 7th
Winter/Spring: February 1st - February 8th

Media Center Programs:

*School-wide Reading Incentive Program

*Story time for all grade levels. 

*Lessons for students that support their classroom instruction in all grade levels. 

*Makerspace activities to explore STEM learning in all grade levels.

*Scholastic Book Fairs (Fall & Winter/Spring)

*Six Flags Read to Succeed - Earn a FREE ticket to Six Flags

*Assist students in 21st Century Classroom


Media Center Mission Statement:

It is the mission of our school library to collaborate with students and teachers to provide access to a variety of electronic and print informational resources and materials; to enhance literary skills through 21st century learning; and to promote independent, life-long learners while developing the love of reading.