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Supply List 


5th Grade

(1) 2 inch 3-ring binder with pockets

(1) pack double pocket 5-tab dividers

(1) pair ear buds

(1) pack colored pencils

(1) pack multi-colored pens

(3) packs #2 pencils

(1) handheld pencil sharpener

(1) zippered pencil pouch with holes (for 3-ring binder)

(2) packs 3-count block erasers

(3) plastic folders with pockets and prongs

(3) packs wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper

(1) pack graph paper

(5) composition notebooks (wide ruled, 100 sheets)

(1) pack mailing labels (any size)

(1) pack 3-count glue sticks

(1) pack Expo markers

(1) pack highlighters

(1) ream colored OR white copy paper

(2) boxes Kleenex

(1) box Ziploc bags (gallon, quart OR sandwich)

(1) hand sanitizer (girls)

(1) Lysol/Clorox wipes (boys)