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Title I Program FY18

1. Carroll County Schools Parent & Family Engagement Plan 


2. Annual Title I Meeting Announcement (School Level)


3. Title I Parent and Stakeholder Input Meeting Announcement (School Level)


4.  BOE Annual Title I Meeting

      BOE Annual Title I Meeting (Spanish)

      BOE Title I INPUT Meeting

      BOE Title I Input Meeting (Spanish)


5.   School Parent & Family Engagement Plan (DRAFT)


6.   School Parent & Family Engagement Plan (FINAL)


7.  FY18 School-Parent Compact

     a. Compact

     b. Signature Sheet


8.  Title I Schoolwide Plan (FINAL)


9.  Location(s) of Title I Schoolwide Plan 


10.   Federal Programs Complaint Procedures


11.  "Title I Parent Resource Area" Location


12.  Title I Survey Announcement


13.  Title I Invitations, Flyers, Announcements


14.  Title I Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator Information

(LEA and School)

a. Kay Morgan, System Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator - (770) 832-3568 

b. Jody Stephens, PES Family Engagement Coordinator - (770) 537-8100    


15. Parent Right to Know Letter