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IIS 7.5 Detailed Error - 502.3 - Bad Gateway

Internet Information Services 7.5

Error Summary

HTTP Error 502.3 - Bad Gateway

The operation timed out

Detailed Error Information
Error Code0x80072ee2
Requested URL
Physical PathC:\inetpub\wwwroot\257652.aspx
Logon MethodAnonymous
Logon UserAnonymous
Most likely causes:
  • The CGI application did not return a valid set of HTTP errors.
  • A server acting as a proxy or gateway was unable to process the request due to an error in a parent gateway.
Things you can try:
  • Use DebugDiag to troubleshoot the CGI application.
  • Determine if a proxy or gateway is responsible for this error.
Links and More Information This error occurs when a CGI application does not return a valid set of HTTP headers, or when a proxy or gateway was unable to send the request to a parent gateway. You may need to get a network trace or contact the proxy server administrator, if it is not a CGI problem.

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