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ASP Program

Welcome to our PES ASP Program page!  

If you would like your student to join our program, please use the following Registration link. 

Here at PES we offer an exciting and fun experience after school! Each day will be filled with a daily routine that includes the following:

  • snack time 
  • homework time
  • playground/gym time  

Occasionally we will be offering other activities such as:

  • art classes 
  • computer learning time
  • STEM options for our students to explore and learn


The daily costs per family are as follows: first & second child $6.00; third and fourth child $3.00; after fourth is free.

Procare link


Meet our ASP staff:

Henry Sweeney III - ASP Director

Sandy Moyer - Head ASP Teacher

Madison Moyer - ASP Teacher

Avery Warren - Assistant Teacher

Kyler Harris - Assistant Teacher

Kim Posey - Substitute Teacher

Melissa White - Substitute Teacher

Kathy Mayfield - ASP Front Desk Substitute 


We want to thank you for the opportunity to interact with you and your student(s) on a daily basis.  We look forward to meeting each of you.