The Studio

Seurat Apple
The Studio - Seurat Apples

We will be discussing Georges Seurat and Pointillism.

Fri Mar 20 12:23 PM

Drip Painting
The Studio - Pollock Power

Exploring the Abstract Expressionist world of Jackson Pollock

Thu Mar 19 01:23 PM

Geometric Spring Flowers
The Studio - Geometric Spring Flowers

Happy Spring Equinox!

Thu Mar 19 12:30 PM

In Dreams
The Studio - Mysterious Magritte

This blog is about the Surrealist, Rene Magritte.

Thu Mar 19 12:29 PM

St. Patrick's Day Art
The Studio - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is a video on a fun St. Patrick's Day art activity.

Thu Mar 19 12:29 PM

Klee Cats
The Studio - Klee Cats

In this, we talk about balance and Paul Klee

Tue Mar 17 01:31 PM

va Gogh Flowers
The Studio - van Gogh Flowers

This is your 1st Daily Activity. Pleas come in and read the biography and watch the video!

Mon Mar 16 12:20 PM

The Studio
The Studio - Digital Learning @ Home

This blog will keep you up-to-date on The Studio's Digital Learning.

Mon Mar 16 11:30 AM